The GROUTER4 provides industry proven router network management and simple configuration to seamlessly expand and access LONWORKS control networks.

The GROUTER4 is a compact LON over IP router that supports ANSI 709.1 (LON) and ANSI 852 (IP) communication standards. The LON interface is TP/FT-10 with a removable, pluggable screw-down connector. The IP interface is 10/100 Base-T Ethernet using a standard RJ-45 connector.

Each GRouter4 can be configured to send and receive from multiple routers using selective forwarding to connect multiple network channels without reducing the number of routers to interconnect the system, therefore connecting multiple networks . IP communication between routers can be implemented in uni-cast or multi-cast mode.

Intuitive configuration and fast set-up of the GRouter4 is achieved with an on-board webpage. Remote capabilities are easily implemented allowing tremendous flexibility to set-up and commission control networks in Normal or Manual mode.

Communication Protocol
LON: ANSI/CTA-709.1-D LonWorks networking

Communication Interace
Ethernet Port: IEEE 802.3 10/100 Mbps data rate
10Base-T, 100Base-TX
100 m (max) CAT5 cable length
Twisted-Pair: ANSI/CTA-709.3 R-2015, 78.2 Kbps data rate
Free-Topology TP/FT-10
(link power compatible)
64 nodes per channel
*Bus-Topology Distance(no repeaters):
  22AWG/0.65mm (typical)
  Double ended Termination
  1400 m (max) with 3 m (max) stub
*Free-Topology Distance(no repeaters):
  22AWG/0.65mm (typical)
  Single Termination
  400 m (max) node-to-node
  500 m (max) total wire length
*See Smart Controls S-Term-F for termination
and additional wiring information

Input Voltage: 5.0 ± 0.25 VDC
Typical Consumption: 1.5 VA
Protection: Fused, Reverse Voltage

LED Indicators
Power: Red
Service: Yellow
LON Tx: Green
LON RX: Green
IP Link: Yellow
IP Traffic: Green

Push Buttons
Reset: Resets Router Firmware
Service Router: Sends Service Pin Message for Router over IP
and FT channels
Service App: Sends Service Pin Message for embedded
Application over IP and FT channels

Operating Temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F)

ROHS: Lead Free ROHS compliant
EMI: FCC Part 15 class B,
    EN 55022 1994 + A1 & A2 (CE Mark)
Immunity: EN 55024: 1998, EN 61000-3-2
    EN 61000-3-3 (CE Mark)
Safety: EN 60950-1: 2001 (CE Mark)

Mounting: 35mm DIN Rail
Dimensions: L 34.0 x W 94.0 x H 76.5 mm)
        (L 1.34” x W 3.70” x H 3.01”)

Material: Housing; Lexan 940,
Base: Noryl VO 1550,
both UL 94-VO rated

Period: 2 Years (Limited)


GRouter4 (GR4A-EFNPI) Datasheet Data Sheet
GRouter4 (GR4A-EFNPI) Datasheet



IP Network: E – Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
LON Network: F – Free Topology
Internal LON Termination: N – None
Terminal: P – Pluggable
Operating Temperature: I – Industrial-40° to +85° C